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Our Services

Trained & certified in green designing, T.H.E. U.A.I. Green Team offers a variety of services that can bring more life to your home & community. Do you have a vision? Have you not had the time or energy to clean up the garden you've been wanting?  We'll handle the dirty work! Together, we can bring your project into fruition. 

Contact a Green Agent today!

Build a Garden

T.H.E. U.A.I. Green Team can build a garden for you, your family, friends and community. If you already have a garden or farm, we can help you restore it back to its regular state, no matter it’s current condition. Contact us!

Hoop House Construction

T.H.E. U.A.I. Green Team can help construct hoop houses for you to grow food in all 4 seasons, no matter it's size. If you've already had a hoop house put up or took ownership of someone else’s and it has been neglected badly, we can restore it back to its original state when it was first constructed. Contact us!

Landscape Design

If you're interested in designing your landscape, we can send a Green Agent from T.H.E. U.A.I. to your location to help you conceptualize your vision. If you already have a landscape with a design in mind and want it altered or restored, we can help with that transition as well. Contact us!

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